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9 Things You Need to Know When it Comes to Home Builder Reviews

Once you decide to upgrade into a brand-new house in a welcoming neighborhood, the next step is to find a builder who shares your vision.

Get the Details About Home Builder Promotions

You and your family have given it a lot of thought and have decided to upgrade from an apartment or small house into a brand-new home. As you look around at the various new home styles and builder...

Looking for a Home Builder? 9 Questions to Ask

Do you and your family want to leave behind apartment life and move into a brand-new home? Maybe you have plans to expand your family and you want to build a home in preparation for the new...

11 Reasons Your Next Home Should be a New Build

You’ve been mulling it over for awhile and you’ve come to the conclusion it’s time to move into a bigger home. Well, you could go the traditional route and peruse the long list of houses for sale...

Our Top 8 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home When Downsizing

Are you and your spouse looking to downsize your living arrangements in Virginia Beach? Maybe you’re retiring soon and don’t need as much space as you currently have.

Renting or Buying: Which is a Better Option?

Maybe you’ve been living in an apartment or rental home for a few years and you’d like to upgrade to a place with more rooms, more space, a better neighborhood or all of the above. Consider some...

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