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You and your family have given it a lot of thought and have decided to upgrade from an apartment or small house into a brand-new home. As you look around at the various new home styles and builder ads, you notice a lot of builder promotions. You want to take advantage of a builder promotion but aren’t sure how to choose the best one for your family.

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Discover several tips on how to compare the various builder promos to narrow down the choices and find your best option.

Make a List of What You Want in a Brand-New Home

It’s a smart idea to make this list before considering any builder promotions. Consequently, you can focus on exactly what you’re looking for without being swayed by extra features you’d rather do without. Ask yourself some questions to get your imagination working.

  • How many rooms do you want in your home?
  • Do you want a kitchen design with an island or simply lots of counter space all around?
  • Have you always wanted a finished basement?

If you and your family want a finished basement in your brand-new home as well as quartz countertops in the bathrooms and kitchen, you can be on the lookout for builder promotions and deals with those features.

Get the Details About Home Builder Promotions Ensuite ImageTake a Close Look at the Details of Similar Promotions

Once you have your list of must-have features written down, you can start to consider various builder promotions. You’re likely to see two or more builder promotions with many of the same appealing options. Remember to read each of the promos carefully to determine whether the offers are the same or if one is more valuable than the other.

As an example, two builders include a ‘free’ finished basement as part of their latest promotion. If this appeals to you, make it a point to evaluate what’s included in the design of the finished basement. Do both designs include the same type of flooring? Is there a full bathroom in both designs? Is the amount of floor space the same? You may find the finished basement offered by one builder is of more value than the other builder’s offer.

Are the Options Offered in the Builder’s Promotion of Value to You?

Maybe your family has just one car and no plans to add another to your household. In that case, you probably wouldn’t be interested in a builder’s promotion including an upgrade in the form of a two-car garage. Alternatively, perhaps you have a ping-pong table and a full-sized pool table your family members love to use. In that case, a ‘free’ finished basement advertised in a builder’s promo would be an appealing option for you. Think of your family’s needs, then find a builder’s promo that fulfills those needs.

Get the Details About Home Builder Promotions Appliances ImageIs it Really an Upgrade?

When comparing two builders, you notice one of them has a promo with energy efficient kitchen appliances listed as an upgrade. The second builder offers energy efficient appliances as well. But, the appliances come as standard and not as an upgrade in a promotion. In this scenario, it would be best to go with the builder who makes energy efficient appliances a standard part of a building project.

Consider the Builder’s Reputation with Past Clients

You may encounter an absolutely amazing builder promotion. Lots of upgrades, a free finished basement, discounts and more. But, don’t let a wonderful promotion stop you from checking into a builder’s reputation.

Talk with some of the people who took advantage of a promotion and now live in the builder’s home. You may discover some issues. You may find all of those upgrades in the promo were done with substandard materials allowing the builder to make a big profit. Or, perhaps the builder didn’t adhere to the agreed upon timeline for the project. The bottom line is never let a great promo prevent you from delving further into a builder’s work and reputation.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Get the Best of You

Sometimes builders offer standout items in their promotions such as vacations, HD TVs, hot tubs and even cars. It’s important to prevent the idea of going on vacation or spending hours in a new hot tub from clouding your judgement. You want to keep your focus on the long-term benefits of whatever options the builder is offering in their promotion.

Take Your Time When Considering a Promo

Some builders offer promotions with requirements attached to them such as closing on a home in 30 days. If you’re not sure about the home, the upgrades or some of the other details in the promotion, you may feel pressured to take the deal thinking you’ll lose out. Purchasing a brand-new home is one of the more important decisions in a family’s life, so you should take your time and never sign on the dotted line without being confident about it.

Lastly, purchasing a brand-new home is exciting and it can be an even better experience when you and your family benefit from the features in a builder’s promotion. Take your time, evaluate, compare and settle on one that meets the unique needs and preferences of your family. 

Originally published May 14, 2019

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